Shallow Lake Children’s Program:

One of the most powerful things leaders and parents can do is to inspire their children to trust that God can do amazing things through the abilities He’s given them.

We believe our children can grow up knowing that God’s ability to do that with them can profoundly affect how they view and respond to their unique potential.

Our 3 to 12 year olds learn and experience biblical values, monthly life virtues and develop lasting friendships in safe and creative environments. Each week we follow a simple framework:

Plug In: Focus the Energy

Focuses the energy on that week’s Bible story in a Small Group setting through discussion and an interactive opening activity.

Power Up: Engage the Heart

Every week, we try to engage children’s hearts in our Large Group setting through interactive worship, prayer, and an innovative retelling of that week’s Bible story.

Catch On: Make the Connection

Make the connection helps our children apply the Bible story to real life experiences through interactive activities and discussion questions.